01. Applications

In addition to the above cases, it is possible to function as a core part of an artificial intelligence sensor in a system of various fields depending on the user.

02. Automated Quality Control System

Build your own automated quality inspection system with Deep Runner

  • Reduce costs with automation
  • Can be applied to any product by training the system
  • Support for the latest deep learning algorithms
  • PLC interworking support

The Deep Runner is a core component for building automated defect product detection systems

  • Support for deep recognition algorithms with the highest recognition rate: Xception, MobileNet, GoogleNet
  • Train with product images to recognize defect products using easy-to-use Deep Trainer Software
  • Split recognition function to detect small defects in high quality product image
  • Pinout recognition results and capture command using PLC interworking function
  • Capture function to automatically acquire training product image

Opportunity to build highly value-added factory automation systems at low cost

03. CCTV Surveillance System

Transform your CCTV legacy into state-of-the-art AI system with Deep Runner

  • Working all day without a break
  • Surveil up to 16 cameras simultaneously
  • Using the latest deep learning algorithms with proven recognition capabilities
  • Collect valuable big data from it

Building/Store CCTV System

  • Add Deep Runner to your existing CCTV system to make it an artificial intelligence system.
  • Monitor up to 16 cameras simultaneously using a single unit

Intelligent Security Service

Provides intelligent security control service by combining independent building CCTV systems

  • Your control center receives real-time recognition information from all cameras in all buildings or stores
  • Customized surveillance according to the security equirements of each CCTV camera (eg. restricted areas)
  • Provides high-value unmanned monitoring service in connection with automatic alarm / dispatch / history management services 
  • Provide customers value-added services using the big data (eg. forecasting the customers by the time of day)

Outdoor Security System

04. Recognition result output

  • Video monitor output
  • Ethernet port - Recognition result record real-time transmission
  • GPIO - Serial port, PIN OUT

05. Training Procedure

  • Deep learning software 'Deep Trainer' provides free at the time of purchase
  • Provides the ability to recognize 90 objects for security systems.
  • User-specific objects can be trained by using images
  • The user needs to acquire a lot of sample images necessary for learning about the recognition object.

06. Who can use it?

  • System Developer
  • Domestic and overseas entrepreneurs who realize new ideas
  • DIY developers such as robots
  • Anyone who wants to make deep learning training easier

For more information, see Deep Runner User Manual 13. Application Scenarios.